Yes, I just used caps in my page header.  I must really want to talk to my readers!

I’d love to hear what you think of a particular post, or if you’ve read my novels, what you liked (or even what you didn’t like) about a particular character or scene.  I always follow up on reader feedback.  This writing business can get lonely!

Also, I plan on rolling out an email newsletter in the near future.  The email frequency would be minimal (you’d receive an email about once a quarter), with only important news items, release dates, and contest & giveaway information sent out.  If you would like to subscribe, simply send an email to the above gmail account.  Please include “newsletter” in the subject line.



3 Responses to CONTACT ME

  1. Tracy says:

    Hi Glen,
    Just finished Brother’s Keepers & loved it! I’d get into more detail but I’m much too anxious to get started on LOSS..
    Was hoping to purchase Brother’s Keeper-Book 1, thinking it would be out by now but, to my disaapointmemt it was not. Do you have a rough time frame on when you expect to release it?
    Thank you for your free book offers. If you’re other material is as good as BK, I’ll. Be buying everything you’ve written,…for sure!!

    • glenkrisch says:

      Hi Tracy,
      I just sent you an email, but to summarize, the first full-length Brother’s Keeper novel will be out sometime in the Winter of 2012. That should give you time to read my other titles, lol. I pride myself on my strong characters, and readers have told me how real they seem. If you enjoyed the characters in Brother’s Keeper, my other works have that same quality. Twice as Dark is an omnibus collecting my two available novels, The Nightmare Within and Where Darkness Dwells. If you’re interested in both titles, I would suggest buying Twice as Dark. It’ll save you a couple bucks.

  2. Tracy says:

    Thank you for your reply.
    I’m still reading Loss. I must say, the pace is slower than Brother’s Keeper & I’m having a bit of trouble staying as interested in this story line. In other words: Loss doesn’t seem to have that same “pull” as BK where I felt I just can’t put it down because I.must find out what happens next. But, don’t fear! It’s grabbed my attention enough to where I certainly will continue. I have the feeling the story is about to take off…
    As for your other work, I’m an avid reader & Spring is just around the corner so, I’m hoping the full length novel for BK will be out before April.

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