Interview With Glen R. Krisch

Here’s a LONG interview I did for Ken’s blog. By how chatty I got, I had a lot of fun with the questions!

Into The Macabre

Let’s get the vitals out of the way –

Name: Glen Krisch
Marital Status: Married
Children: three sons
Pets: three dogs
Ghosts: two

Into The Macabre: Two ghosts? This I have to hear!

Glen: Well, I guess you could say we currently have one ghost. The other one we left behind when we moved last Fall. The first time I mowed the lawn at our old house, I discovered a headstone blanketed in overgrown grass. It was for someone named John, who died in 1938. I went to the library and researched his death in the microfiche archive of the local newspaper. Turns out he was buried at a nearby cemetery, but since he was a WWI veteran, the government had given his family a military headstone. We assume his family built some sort of shrine in his honor in their backyard, including this headstone. Anyway, when we lived there…

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About glenkrisch

Writer, freelance editor, runner, family man, wanna-be farmer, neo-luddite
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