Stephen King: What We Can’t Say Enough

I was thinking about writing up something on the subject, but Jonathan did such an outstanding job I think everyone should read what he wrote..

Jonathan Janz

I saw an article on Facebook the other day about why some individual can’t like/respect/support Stephen King. I didn’t read it because it was clearly incendiary clickbait. Not that one can’t dislike King and have legitimate reasons for doing so. One of my favorite readers and horror friends actively dislikes King’s work, but he has well-articulated reasons for his stance. Granted, I totally disagree with him, but I respect his right to avoid my favorite author and acknowledge that his opinion is as valid as mine.

But I’m entitled to my opinion too.

full dark

Calling King my favorite author isn’t going far enough. He’s the person who singlehandedly made me a reader. He’s the writer who determined my career path.

He’s the man who restored my adolescent self-esteem by convincing me that I wasn’t stupid. With his words, he showed me what was inside of me. He resurrected my imagination. He reawakened the innocent magic in my…

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