New release 99-cent sale, and bonus signed limited edition!

Yes, I’m giving away a copy of the signed/limited edition of NOTHING LASTING ($40 cover price).  This edition will be published in the Spring by Cemetery Dance Publications.  If you’ve never owned a limited edition, Cemetery Dance produces books that are works of art.  The cover artist for NOTHING LASTING is Glenn Chadbourne.  Glenn was a joy to work with.  He also recently completed the artwork for the 40th anniversary edition of Stephen King’s CARRIE.

Entering this giveaway is simple.  Just write and post a review for my other new novel, ARKADIUM RISING, before the end of the year.  Once you’ve posted your review, drop me a quick note so I can keep track of the entries.  For every 10 reviews I receive for ARKADIUM RISING, I will add another copy of the limited edition of NOTHING LASTING, increasing everyone’s odds of winning.


To make it even easier to enter, JournalStone has lowered the price of the ARKADIUM RISING ebook to just $.99.  Here are some quick links:

Barnes and Noble
Kobo (the price should drop later today)

I’m really proud of both of these novels. If you know someone who might enjoy them, feel free to share or reblog this info.

Thanks for your time, and Happy Holidays!


Nothing Lasting with titlingFront_Cover_Image_Arkadium_Rising

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