Book Launch Day! Arkadium Rising, Brother’s Keeper Book One

The day is finally here!


Today, JournalStone will publish the first of my Brother’s Keeper trilogy.  Arkadium Rising is the beginning of a massive project that will span 1200+ pages when all is said and done.  If you order the print edition from the JournalStone website, you’ll receive the ebook for free.

Here’s a link if you prefer Amazon:

Book Description

The Arkadium’s time has come. A religious cult intent on setting history back ten thousand years, their goal is to destroy modern man’s domination of the planet.

Growing up, the Grant brothers were close, but as they reached adolescence they drifted apart, taking opposite paths into adulthood.  Straight-laced Jason works for a small town newspaper.  Marcus is into drugs, violence, and self-destruction.

Marcus finds salvation and sobriety when he joins the Arkadium and reaches out to his brother, wanting him by his side to record the new prehistoric era, Arkadium’s era.  Jason faces a choice, join his brother in the destruction of humanity, or die like one of the millions of innocents who will fall in the Arkadium’s ascent.


If you sign up for my newsletter, I’ll send you a free, exclusive novella, The Hollowed Land, Brother’s Keeper Book 1.5, sometime in January.  This action-packed story is self-contained, and takes place between books one and two.

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As always, thanks for everything you do to support my work.  Every time you post a review or suggest one of my books to other readers, it helps me reach a wider audience.


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2 Responses to Book Launch Day! Arkadium Rising, Brother’s Keeper Book One

  1. Paul D. Dail says:

    Right on, my friend. I’ve been waiting. I think I just happen to have a little left over on an Amazon gift card even.

    Posted this to Reddit Horror (Dreadit). Best of luck with the launch.


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