The Walking Dead, Season 5 Episode 2

The Walking Dead season 5 episode 2 thoughts:


My initial thought was that Bob was crying because he was bitten in the basement of the food pantry. Sarah thought that he just needed to let some emotion out after trying to put on a brave/positive face for everyone in the group.

So… I still think Bob was bitten. The way he was shambling away from the church was symbolically zombie-like. So… the next question to come to mind? What happens when a cannibal eats someone infected? My answer: living, fast-zombies. Zombie, a la 28 Days Later. Rage zombies. Yes, I do believe the writers of the show are going to merge the slow-zombie, fast-zombie orthodoxies.


Oh, and I’m not up to date on the comics, so please, don’t SPOIL it for me.  I’ve read as far as the fall of the Governor.


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2 Responses to The Walking Dead, Season 5 Episode 2

  1. Robyn Jones says:

    That’s exactly what I think. I thought Bob was about to shoot himself in the head and now the cannibals are going to be the 28 Days Later ragers, but thinking. Maybe they won’t be dead, just out of their minds.

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