5 (Really Good) Horror Movies You (Probably) Haven’t Seen

Reblogged to keep these movie titles on my radar.  

UPDATE: I just cross referenced Neflix and Amazon.  I can stream Julia’s Eyes and Isolation.  Sweet.

Something Stirs

Every time I come across an article online which lists a certain number of horror movies “You Haven’t Seen”, invariably I’ve seen all of them, and I suspect so have most self-respecting fans of the genre. That might well prove to be the case here, but I thought it high time I cast some well-deserved light on a few of the more obscure ones that may have slipped beneath your radar. If even one of these is unknown to you and you end up loving it as much as I did, then I’ll consider this blog post a success.

Rabies1. RABIES (KALEVET) – 2010

When I first saw the trailer for this Israeli horror film about a brother and sister who have fled their home, only for one of them to find himself caught in a psychopath’s trap, it looked well-shot and acted but little else. I assumed it standard…

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