No Man’s Dominion and Other Post-Apocalyptic Tales… now available!

My new story collection is now available on Amazon.


I’ve always enjoyed destroying the world… wait, that’s sounds somewhat demented.  I meant, I’ve always enjoyed destroying the world in my stories.

If you are a fan of my Brother’s Keeper novella, this collection has two stories that involve Jason and Marcus Grant.  One story, A Prodigal Apocalypse, is the basis for the Brother’s Keeper novella.  The story, Gleaners, takes place five years after the Arkadium takes down civilization.

This collection gathers many of my post-apocalyptic stories.  Most of them have already appeared in Through the Eyes of Strays, which is now out of print.  There’s a story behind why it’s out of print, but that’s a story for another day.

Today is about No Man’s Dominion.  I’m glad I was able to gather these stories along that common theme.  It also allowed me to include story notes about what prompted me to write the stories in the first place.  I’m a sucker for story notes, and all meta-data in general.  Author interviews, dvd commentary tracks, story notes… I love it all.

I hope you enjoy the stories.  Please let me know what you think!


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