Kindle Giveaway Results: I’m Dumbfounded…

I decided the President’s Day weekend was a good time to run a giveaway on Amazon.  After listing LOSS and BROTHER’S KEEPER  as free of 48 hours, starting on Sunday, this is the result so far (for those who can’t see, the titles are #1 & 2):

That’s just the horror list.  I don’t know if releasing both titles at once is making the titles surge.  I’m sure it’s not hurting any.

Here’s the overall list (BROTHER’S KEEPER sits at #4):

LOSS is further down the list, sitting around #21 overall.  The only marketing I’ve done so far is a few emails sent to a few websites that announce giveaways.

When I did a giveaway the week of Christmas, the downloads totaled around 6200 over five days and across 5 titles.

So far, in about 30 hours, my current giveaway has totaled about 19,600 downloads.  The numbers stagger.  I don’t know what they mean.  I saw a surge in sales after my Christmas giveaway ended.  I’m cautiously optimistic about what will happen once Tuesday rolls around.

If you want your free copies, here are the link:

Brother’s Keeper:





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