Loss, a novella: Now Available!

Loss is now available on Amazon. 


Writing this story took me to some rather dark places.  Imagine that–me exploring dark territory in my writing?  Yeah, it’s a fairly bleak tale, but it also has some rather sweet moments.  I’d conceived the idea for Loss probably 3-4 years ago, long before my first thoughts of becoming an indie writer.  In the days before becoming an indie writer, when I was conforming my story ideas to the lengths suitable for traditional publication–ideas were either short story length or novel length, nothing in between–I considered Loss to be a novel project.  But as I tackled the story, carving away what wasn’t necessary, the natural length presented itself.  As a result, Loss is very comfortable at 29k (about 110 printed pages).  Anything less would’ve felted rushed.  Anything longer would have been padded to its detriment.

I hope you consider giving Loss a read.  As with all of my work, I put a lot of myself (at least emotionally) into it.

If you’re wondering about my cover artist, I once again used Kealan Patrick Burke at Elder Lemon Design.  https://www.facebook.com/ElderlemonDesign.  Kealan did another incredible job.  One man shouldn’t possess so much talent!



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