Book Launch Day: Commitment and Other Tales of Madness

For just $1.95, an 18,000 word collection of 6 stories, all centered on the theme of madness. Sometimes rage can accompany madness. Sometimes whimsy. Sometimes longing. From science fiction, to crime, to horror, these stories cover a wide range of genres, but in every case, the main characters are somehow unhindered from their moorings.
Once again I used Kealan Patrick Burke at Elderlemon Designs ( for my cover, and I think it’s incredible.
Don’t you think? 
If you need a ebook cover that is reasonably priced, and with a speedy turnaround time, drop Kealan an email.
Four stories are new and unpublished, while “So Close to Home” appeared in Shroud #8.
“Pain is My Fear Escaping” appeared in Atomjack Magazine.
If you can’t spare the time for another book, or the $1.95, I’d greatly appreciate clicking the share button below to spread the word on Twitter and Facebook. 



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  1. I’ve been reading through a few of your articles. You’ve got some useful information here.

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