Finding the Sweet Spot (on ebook pricing)

I’ve been doing the indie ebook dance since December 2010. During this time I’ve tried different price points, searching for that elusive sweet spot. You might sell a ton of copies at the bare minimum price of $.99, but if you don’t sell a ton of copies, you’re shooting yourself in the foot. Not only is $.99 the minimum price, you also receive a lower profit per sale. I started with the traditional sweet spot price point advocated by JA Konrath ( of $2.99, but found my sales plummeted when I didn’t promote 24/7. I gave in to temptation and dropped my prices to $.99, hoping I would capture a ton of readers, and then word of mouth would propel my sales. Instead of my sales taking off, they stagnated at the lowest possible price point.

Only a few months into my indie publishing career I found myself at a fork in the road. I considered the unthinkable, giving away the novels I’d labored over for years. But then I came to my senses. My novels have gotten a great response from my limited number of readers, garnering comparisons to King, Barker and Gifune. Before making my novels available to the public, I edited them to the highest possible standards. Faced with the dilemma of fighting the slurry of crap novels churned out by a public seeking to become the next Amanda Hocking, I decided to take a stand. I realized, damn it, that my work is good, my storylines tight, my characters compelling. My covers are sharp (thanks to Kealan at Formatting hasn’t been a problem. Everything about my novels speaks of quality. For the odd reader who hasn’t appreciated my stories, they’ve all professed to my writing ability.

So, I decided, why fight the crap?  Why not show confidence in my storytelling ability?

Starting now, my novels are set at $3.95, and will be for the foreseeable future. That price is still a steal compared to traditional publishing, but it elevates my work above the mire. I’ve read a number of excellent $.99 novels, including my most recent read, SEED by Ania Ahlborn But there is also a whole lot of cheap novels not worthy of public consumption.

I don’t know what will happen at the new price point, but I plan on leaving my pricing alone. I have so many projects on the horizon that I can’t afford to worry about novels I wrote years ago.

I’m currently working on a collaborative novel with Charles Colyott It’s a unique take on the zombie mythos, and we’re both excited to see where both the storyline and collaboration takes us.

I also have an upcoming deadline for a new novella that a publisher has requested.

I can smell autumn in the air. It’s a good time to spin some dark tales.




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2 Responses to Finding the Sweet Spot (on ebook pricing)

  1. So, how’s the new price fare against the lower prices?

    • glenkrisch says:

      Hi Bob,
      I’m having my best month so far, but I don’t know how much of that is because of my new price point. I’ve had a number of stellar reviews come in and some good exposure on high profile websites during the last few weeks. If anything, the new price hasn’t hurt things. If you would like a free copy of one of my books, just let me know. You can read more about them under my book tabs on my homepage, or by reading the descriptions at my Amazon page:

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