Blogging about blogging

If I write a 1400 word blog, does it count as my writing for the day?  Well, I wrote a long first part of a multi-post blog today (which is not this entry), and I’ll probably post it tomorrow.  It deals with how I tend to “fail my way to success,” and how I want to change my evil ways. 

This week has been refreshing.  In the last couple of months I’ve finished a novel (just the last 1/4, not the whole thing) and novella, and I promised myself not to stress about getting on to my next project until next week.  My inbox is fairly empty.  I’ve taken some notes on my next novel.  I’ve also contemplated my writing process quite a bit.  My writing process is a reflection of my “life process” as well.  The way I attack a writing project is how I generally approach things in the rest of my life.  Well, more on that in my next entry.


About glenkrisch

Writer, freelance editor, runner, family man, wanna-be farmer, neo-luddite
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