Customer service and the economy

The last couple of days I’ve had to deal with a slow tire leak, and a dead furnace. The first instance involved a bent nail near the tire rim. The tire service place removed the nail, and since the tires are in good shape, they patched it. They never tried to sell me on anything else. Which, strangely, makes me more inclined to use them in the future. They took care of me and didn’t try to get a penny extra out of the transaction. Total cost $24. I know they didn’t push me for a new set of tires because everyone is hurting in the pocketbook. I could afford a new set of tires, but I’m glad they didn’t take advantage of my inexperience with cars to take money from me that I didn’t need to spend.

Fighting a two week battle with a nasty cold, I ignored my home’s cool temps, figuring it was just the virus making me feel shivery. Turns out the furnace was out and the temps were down to 62 degrees. I called the service guy out, and he showed up within the hour. He found a blown fuse, which he promptly replaced. After checking out everything else, he deemed the furnace fixed. He then proceeded to write the bill so I wouldn’t be charge for him changing the fuse. He just charged me for the visit. He also said that he’s the last repair guy not laid off by his company. It’s a locally well-known and respectable company. He said he expected to soon be laid off. He figures that if that happens, he’ll take his skills off-grid, taking cash payments.

I don’t know what this all means, but it sure flies in the face of the talking points of the mainstream news. We’re in recovery. The recession is over. Bullshit.


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