Afraid Review

Afraid is the first horror novel from Jack Kilborn, aka thriller writer, JA Konrath. While this novel is touted as horror, I see it more of a horror/action hybrid that travels at an unrelenting pace, and is inhabited by likeable heroes and vile villains. Set during one harrowing evening, Afraid pits the citizens of the sleepy Wisconsin Northwood’s town of Safe Haven against a special forces unit programmed (with implanted computer chips and chemical enhancements) to torture, maim and kill whoever gets in their way. How and why are these trained killers let loose on the unsuspecting town? That answer lies in the land of spoiler alerts, and I won’t tread that line in this mini review. Rest assured, the Safe Haven citizenry–average citizens who could reside in any American town–rise up and fight back against this Goliath-like enemy. While I generally shun spoilers, I will warn readers about becoming too attached to these likeable characters. Like I said, the pace of Afraid is relentless, and there are casualties along the way–even the fleshed out characters you can imagine settling down to a good long life are at risk of untimely demise. Recommended for horror and/or thriller fans.


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3 Responses to Afraid Review

  1. steve_vernon says:

    I really enjoyed AFRAID.
    So did my wife.
    I recommend it highly.

  2. glenkrisch says:

    When reading his Jack Daniels novels, I’ve always thought he could pull off crossing over to horror. In some ways AFRAID reminded me of a stripped down Koontz. And no, I don’t mean the actual Koontz, but his writing.

  3. nickcato says:

    ‘LOVED this novel—read it in 2 sittings. Amazing pace throughout.

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