New Mastodon

Divinations from “Crack the Skye”

Mastodon: Divinations – New Video

The video’s kind of a goof, but the song rocks. My favorite song so far is “Last Baron,” a 13 minute epic of musical cool.


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Writer, freelance editor, runner, family man, wanna-be farmer, neo-luddite
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3 Responses to New Mastodon

  1. Anonymous says:

    Mastodon is God
    Mastodon is god! Did you hear the song they did for the beginning of the Aqua Team Hunger Force Colon Film For Movie Theatres?
    This is Garner mutha fucka

  2. glenkrisch says:

    Dude, you should register and start your own blog here! I love your commentary on stuff. And no, I haven’t heard the song from ATHF. I don’t think I’ve watched a cartoon since the 1990s. How’s school?

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