Quickie update

I’m bad at updating my LJ, so sue me.
Anyway, I’m reading Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States, and it is stunning stuff. I finished my BA in English two classes short of a history degree, and in my history classes, I didn’t learn a fraction of what is contained in this impressive tome. It is a detailed history of the US from Columbus until now, but told through the point of view of the minorities and/or underclass. It starts with the Indians and how they were treated, all the way through our modern presidents and what their policies have done to the poor, children, minorities and environment.

Saturday I went for my longest run in about ten years, 22 miles. Most of it was along a trail that parallels an old canal. I saw herons, turtles, wood chucks, eagles, fish and frogs. I felt good (obviously, or I wouldn’t have gone so far), and my recovery since then has gone well. It looks like I will be signing up for my fall 50k pretty soon (cross my fingers for my continued health).

Novel #2 is down to 102k, from 120k. It’s been painful and slow, but I want to get it under 100k, so I don’t leave certain markets out when it’s finished. I’ve received some painful rejections of late. Most of them were for stories being held for further consideration. I guess that’s progress, at least.

I’m going on vacation in a couple weeks to a quiet beach in Michigan. It’s our first vacation in a long while, and I think we deserve a little R&R.


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