Mid Year Reading List 2007

Still a week away, but thought I’d knock this out before I forget. It’s been a pretty good year so far. I’ve noticed that over the years I give consistently higher ratings (which I won’t list here) to nonfiction. Perhaps I’m more selective with my nonfiction reads. Makes me think I’ll at least even the ratio closer to a 1:1 split. Anyway, here goes:

Dark Ages America by Morris Berman
Lone Wolf by Maryanne Vollers
The Twilight of American Culture by Berman
On Writing Horror by HWA

Creepers by David Morrell
Ghoul by Brian Keene
The Book of Lost Things by John Connelly
The Terror by Dan Simmons
Lisey’s Story by Stephen King
The Road by Cormac McCarthy
The Hammer of Eden by Ken Follett
The World According to Garp by John Irving
The Husband by Dean Koontz
Rusty Nail by JA Konrath
Accidents Waiting to Happen by Simon Wood
The Everlasting by Tim Lebbon
The Executioners by John D. MacDonald
Blaze by King
The Offspring by Jack Ketchum


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6 Responses to Mid Year Reading List 2007

  1. golden_lotus says:

    What’d you think of Ghoul?
    And how is The Road?

    • glenkrisch says:

      Ghoul is my favorite Keene since The Rising. Some people knocked the pop culture references, but since I grew up in the ’80s, I was cool with it. The Road is devastating, but in a good way. Rich in language and imagery. Top shelf. I can’t believe the number of people who knock it. And mostly because of his use or lack of use of punctuation. I have Blood Meridian atop my TBR pile and will start it soon.
      Have you read either?

      • golden_lotus says:

        I wanted to like Ghoul, but I didn’t. I thought the comparisons some made to Boy’s Life and It were waaaay off, and there were a lot of silly little editorial errors that annoyed me. Really, the only Keene book that I actually enjoyed was The Conqueror Worms. He’s usually so depressing that it’s hard to care what happens next (when you know everybody’s prolly gonna die horribly anyway).
        I really want to read Blood Meridian. I’ve heard nothing but good things. I want to read The Road too, but I just haven’t gotten to it.
        I’ve been really diggin’ Hemingway lately, for some reason.

      • glenkrisch says:

        The closest to Hemingway in my TBR pile is Simmons’s The Crook Factory. I have a feeling he might be one of those authors I was too young to appreciate during my school years. Any recommendations?

      • golden_lotus says:

        I know I didn’t appreciate him during school… I thought Hemingway was an idiot back then… ridiculously simple sentences, weird punctuation sometimes, etc., but now I think he’s a genius.
        The Sun Also Rises is awesome. I’m reading A Moveable Feast right now and it’s pretty cool.
        Also, short stories like Hills Like White Elephants (http://web.ics.purdue.edu/~conreys/101files/Otherfolders/Hillslikewhitepg.html) and A Clean, Well-Lighted Place (http://www.mrbauld.com/hemclean.html)

  2. Anonymous says:

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