Garp makes me wanna urp

Just finished Irving’s The World According to Garp. I thought it was trash, pure and simple. Did I miss something in my reading? I hated every flat, shallow character (and every character can be described as such), and while Irving can write, what exactly was he writing about? Garp’s world is egocentric, plagued by self-doubt, paranoia, obsession. He cannot be redeemed by his fleshless family members or by his own actions.

At this point I need a palate cleansing. On to Konrath’s Rusty Nail. That should do the job.


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1 Response to Garp makes me wanna urp

  1. glenkrisch says:

    Um… huh?
    Actually, as I read it, I kept thinking about Chuck Palahniuk’s fiction. Quirky characters doing quirky things. But Chuck’s characters are much quirkier, and his books are 250 pages, not 600. I found Garp annoying and inane. But to each his own. BTW, are all of Irving’s works in the same vein, or should I try something else?

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