Just finished reading…

Lisey’s Story. All I can say is, Bool, the end. Thank God. This woulda worked a whole lot better as a more linear story without all the trappings of the repetitive interpersonal family-talk. Because all that bad gunky started to get on my nerves after about ten pages. To those who think this is his masterpiece, saying so is a disservice to his previous thirty years of often remarkable prose.


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4 Responses to Just finished reading…

  1. glamberson says:

    But–but–but–it won the Stoker for Best Novel!

    • glenkrisch says:

      I love King’s work, and Lisey’s Story had many turns of phrase that floored me with their insight and beauty… but, with such glaring, distracting language, could it have been the best horror novel of the year? Maybe I’m overreacting and it wasn’t as annoying for other readers. What did you think of Lisey’s Story?

      • glamberson says:

        I haven’t read anything by King since I struggled through BAG OF BONES. I love his earlier novels, but IT was the last one I really enjoyed, and even that felt overstuffed. I did read an excerpt from LISEY’S STORY on-line and it didn’t mintrigue me enough to look into it further.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Gee, GARP is my favorite novel.

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