Drive by updates

1. I’ve given up on the short I’ve been working on, even though I’m shy of the submission deadline. It just wasn’t working. I might get back to it at a later time, when the plot feels right.

2. I finished a short before tackling the now-aborted project, and I will submit it sometime next week. It needs to sit and wait another round of tweaking, then out the door.

3. I’ve gotten sick AGAIN. I’ve been not sick a total of about 10 says in 2007. Just one infection after another. It’s sidetracked my writing to a certain extent. I’m a person who needs routine. Without a routine, I spin my wheels.

4. When did working hard become embarrassing? I work a part-time job at a home improvement warehouse. I hate my job. But I still work hard. No one else seems to give a damn, even the managers. People give me strange looks because I would rather keep moving (which makes time go by faster) than stand around, avoiding work.

5. Just finished reading Lone Wolf by Maryanne Vollers. Nice bio about Eric Rudolph, the Atlanta Olympics bomber who also targeted abortion clinics.


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Writer, freelance editor, runner, family man, wanna-be farmer, neo-luddite
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2 Responses to Drive by updates

  1. julia_sevin says:

    I’m with you on work. I feel terrible at work if I’m not doing anything (and fast), even if I’m supposed to be standing, doing nothing, waiting for the phone to ring. Drives me nuts. I have the tendency to *run* around the store and up and down the escalators and to dust every surface when I run out of tasks.
    Everyone else seems to be perpetually on break.

    • glenkrisch says:

      My wife works for a major retail chain. One of her teenage employees was nominated for the employee of the month for her store, and later, won the honor for the entire district. And how did his peers react? They made fun of him. I just don’t get it.

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