Cynical, me? Never!

With the advent of the Bush Doctrine, why hasn’t the term for our wasted billions been renamed The Offense Budget? I demand a Congressional resolution to correct this misnomer! Preemption is not defensive, right?

Just watched “Why We Fight.”

The propagation of continual warfare will be our downfall. But in the meantime, enjoy the profit windfall. Well, enjoy it if you are of the upper crust, with your money sunk into companies receiving Defense contracts and with your children hidden from the front lines. Go ahead, reap atop your pile, upper crust, where sits the freshest shit.

Rant over. Carry on.


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Writer, freelance editor, runner, family man, wanna-be farmer, neo-luddite
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1 Response to Cynical, me? Never!

  1. gremlins8me says:

    oh come now, let’s not be so hard on the trust fund babies just because you are jealous that they will never work a day in their life while you slave and suffer just to make ends meet. First you develop arthritis to go along with your chronic back pain from all of that manual labor forcing you to become pain killer cocktail dependant just to get through a days work, then you blow out both knees on an extended run because of an inconsistant workout schedule due to your five jobs and 2 hours of sleep a night, then you are left out of work because you are confined to a wheelchair and end up tearing movie tickets with your arthritic hands for 6.50 an hour while your kids drop out of school to plow someones fields for 20 bucks a day. Your life decays like a corpse in a sewer with triple the stench until one day they finally reinstitute the draft, equal punishment for all, including you because no handicap is denied the opportunity to die for uncle sam so next thing you know your being wheeled off the back of a plane with a parachute strapped to your chair with your m16 and your baked beans behind enemy lines. You land hard and struggle with your calcium deficient arthritic bones to get rightside up only to find charlie staring you in the eye from a thousand yards, think quick boy and load that fucking gun! Only you can’t because you didn’t have your pain killer cocktail for breakfast and your fingers won’t spread so here you are with charlie advancing on you with your baked beans (which you can’t open) and your gun (which you can’t load) about to die when out of nowhere comes your savior, the trust fund babies who got drafted to go to war charging out gallantly to meet charly head on, a mixed sense of relief and sweeps over you as you watch your wealthy defender charging the battlefield in your defense only to have that relief turn to shit in your pants because charly capped that little trust fund bitch since he didn’t lnow how to turn the safety off……all this aggression just becaue of that? Aren’t you over reacting?

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