Good recent reads

Hard Freeze by Dan Simmons: The second of three Kurtz novels, gritty, hardboiled fun. Why did Simmons pull the fourth Kurtz novel? I can’t remember. I’ll have to track down Hard As Nails. And on the horizon is Carrion Comfort, which intimidates me to no end.

The Colorado Kid by Stephen King: Some people hate this novel since it has no real ending. Must be the same people who panned Keene’s Rising. I, for one, don’t need spoon feeding, and I enjoyed this quickly unfolding yarn.

Harvest Home by Thomas Tryon: Richly wrought, this novel is a gothic horror classic. At points it was difficult plodding through because the prose can be dense, but it was a welcome change from most of the recent horror novels that totally lack atmosphere.

Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed by Jared Diamond: a bit dry and repetitive, this sociology book plots out exactly what the title says it does. Diamond, of Guns, Germs and Steel fame, is at times preachy.


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2 Responses to Good recent reads

  1. pgtremblay says:

    I agree re: Colorado Kid and Harvest Home.

    • glenkrisch says:

      I just finished Sacrament by Barker. I have to agree with many of the people who gave this negative reviews. There were moments of beauty and clarity of prose, but for the most part, these atributes were lacking. I also became aware of his overuse of the word din. It reminded me of Laymon’s overused rump. Uh… that didn’t come out right, but you get the idea.

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