Learning about the Bad Guy

I’m roughing out my next novel and have come to the point where I’m questioning my bad guy’s motivation. How important is this for you as a reader? And if you are a writer, how do you pinpoint this attribute? Why are people bad? Do you need to explain what made them that way?

I’m afraid to dig in until I figure this out. I don’t want him to be a cardboard cut out. I also don’t think every evil character needs a Freudian explanation for their deeds (ala Koontz). Not every bad person is bad because they were damaged as a child. I want something… else. Something to lend nuance to the narrative. Maybe the reader won’t learn his motive until the end. Hopefully I will learn of it long before it comes to that.


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1 Response to Learning about the Bad Guy

  1. golden_lotus says:

    y’know, for all the questions/bitches people have had about my book, Black, nooooobody ever questions the bad guy. And there’s really never an explanation given as to what the hell his problem is. So I dunno… I think if the villain is sufficiently interesting, it doesn’t necessarily matter.

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