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In the mood for some funny, I rented The Chappelle Show Season One, disc one, and Da Ali G Show Season One, disc one. Some funny in the Chappelle Show, but I was laughing so hard during Ali G, I was actually sweating. I know these shows have been out for some time, but I’m always behind. Upcoming, I have A History of Violence, Band of Brothers, and F is for Fake (Orson Welles directed/narrated documentary). Welles is the coolest.

I’ve been noticing how many books I’ve started reading and set aside. Every available surface in my house seems to have at least one such book. Many of them are outstanding (Dusk, Harvest Home, Ceremonies, Twisted), but I can’t seem to get into a reading flow. I think it has something to do with my own writing. I’m halfway through chapter 29 (of 30 chapters). I still need to go back to write chapter 28. I chickened out starting it because it is so important. There have been so many issues getting this narrative out of me, there is a certain anxiety when I sit down to read a novel for enjoyment. When I type THE END (next week), I think I’ll sit down and knock out some of those outstanding books collecting dust all around my house.


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