Things I’m sick of

1. Hearing car commercials that boast of great gas efficiency that is only 25-30 mpg. Who the hell thinks that’s efficient? Average mpg peeked in about 1987. Automakers, don’t tell me you can’t do better. How much have home computers changed from 1987 to 2006?

2. Fundraising signs posted in my neighborhood (or anywhere, really) that are proud to state such morbid sayings as “Cops for Cancer.”
I’m trying to picture these sicko police officers who so boldly proclaim their support for such a terrible illness. To bastardize a W saying, “Either you’re for us, or you’re against us.” Hey guys, figure out what side you’re on.

3. Male characters who call their female equals, “Kiddo.” Who in real life does this? If I started calling my wife or my sister-in-law or my co-worker, or any other female adult I know, kiddo, I’d have my nuts ripped off in about a second and a half.

Writers, please stop using this inane phrasing.

That is all.

I was going to rant about non-responding (not slow, mind you) markets, but Nick Cook beat me to the punch.


About glenkrisch

Writer, freelance editor, runner, family man, wanna-be farmer, neo-luddite
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