kids say the funniest things

Before we tuck my three year old into bed, we often talk to him about important issues. Like counting, ABCs, toilet training, etc. He seems the most receptive at this hour, since he’s out of energy and trapped on his bed in the corner of his room. So last night my wife started talking to him about strangers. What do you do when a stranger offers you a ride, offers you some candy, asks you to help him find his puppy. Anyway, at the end of the lecture, my wife asked him what he should say when a stranger comes up to him.

“NO, NO, NO!” he shouted, waggling a finger in her face. Nice.

She asked what else he would do:

“I hit ’em with knives!”

Ok, what else:

“I throw ’em in the lake!”


“I will break ’em!”

We don’t have cable/tv, and only let him watch kids movies. My guess is the knives response came from his affinity for “The Secret of Nihm”, the lake answer came from “Escape to Witch Mountain” and the break ’em answer came from “Toy Story.”


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1 Response to kids say the funniest things

  1. golden_lotus says:

    y’know, that’s funny… cuz my four year old spontaneously came up with “Shoot orange juice in his eyes!” to the same question…
    kids. real disturbing sometimes.

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