writing stories concurrently

I normally write one story at a time, until it is complete, or until it is abandoned. Recently, I’ve been contemplating my next novel, fleshing out characters and plots and subplots, but as I’m doing this, another fully realized storyline is fighting for my attention. It feels like I’m torn between two lovers, unable to choose. I’m considering working on both concurrently when I finish draft #1 one my second novel (roughly two weeks remain, I believe). I’m not pressed for deadlines, and while different on so many levels, the storylines lend themselves to concurrent writing. Maybe I should tackle both?
They both involve friendships (one about two boys, one about two men). While one storyline involves friends who are friends of convenience or circumstance (kids left alone after school, who normally don’t socialize), the other centers on the friendship of two men that began in boyhood, and is now strained by the constraints of adulthood. They are also different enough that I could flex different writing muscles at different times of the day.
Well, hell, two weeks is a long ways off. I have to finish this one first. I could change my mind a dozen times in two weeks.


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2 Responses to writing stories concurrently

  1. Anonymous says:

    I wrapped #2 and started #3 simultaneously – now I’m doing the same thing with #3 and #4. At least yours are different enough that it sounds like it’s giving you a change of view. Mine’s a continuation of the same story. :headdesk:

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