I didn’t kill her yet.

The old lady is still alive and kicking. The thing is, I know she has to die and so does she. It won’t be pleasant, but it will be the best thing for all.

I was going to kill off that character yesterday, but decided to melt my brain instead. Facing the keyboard, waiting for some crazed positive energy to take over the grunt work of creation, I did something I do too often in a situation such as this: I avoided it. Shut the computer down. Went for a run. Did I mention it was 96 degree? I was fine at the beginning, actually feeling good for once, and I was thinking, “I am so screwed.” In such heat I should have been conservative, but wasn’t. So my brain started to melt. By mile three, I started breaking out in gooseflesh. I was also nauseous. Both are telltale signs that your body is trying to cool itself any way possible. The body stimulates chills, forcing blood to the skins surface, hopefully resulting in a heat-sink effect. The nausea is caused by blood leaving the stomach and other digestive organs to fight at the front lines of this heat battle. I’ve been through this many times while working out. If you don’t heed the warnings, the body stops sweating, essentially saying, “Enough is enough! Stop it!” The result is heat exhaustion, and a temporary (I hope) feeling of mental retardation. Your brain is melted. You’ve killed brain cells. Might as well have gone on a bender instead. But this time, I relented. Cut the run short. Saved some brain cells.

Now, having avoided writing the death scene, and avoided heat exhaustion and temporary mental retardation, I feel well suited to return to the story and be done with it. The old lady dies in five, four, three, two…


About glenkrisch

Writer, freelance editor, runner, family man, wanna-be farmer, neo-luddite
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