Stop and go, stop and go

Having progress and regression nearly daily with my novel. Plow ahead, delete. Plow ahead, delete. My recent (last two weeks) purge: 34 pages. Recent addition: 26 pages. Seeing the light at the end, though, makes me think I will finish Linchpin (is that a lame title for a novel, or what?) sometime soon.

I ran twelve miles yesterday morning. It was a break-through of sorts. While uncomfortable, I was able to keep a steady pace throughout. Being able to do that should allow me to extend farther, next time I run long.

Reading: Blood of Angels. I’ve laughed out loud in parts of this book–not that it’s particularly funny. But MMS writing is so stunning, I’m often in left in awe.


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4 Responses to Stop and go, stop and go

  1. golden_lotus says:

    ugh. that sucks. my tendency now is to just press on through to the end and then get cutty… it seems to sting less for me that way. 😉
    I haven’t read that one, but I do agree that MMS is like a magician or something. I’m at the start of Straw Men.

  2. redredrage says:

    I make it a point to finish the book and then cut. Otherwise, well, it could be YEARS before the first draft of anything ever got finished. Seriously, of all the mistakes I’ve seen other people make, editing while still writing seems to be the one most likely to kill a novel or short story.
    On the other hand, if it works for you, more power. 🙂

    • glenkrisch says:

      For my next novel (my third) I’m not going to edit/cut as I go. With Linchpin, however, I had most of a first draft, but started again by adding another layer of story I thought integral to the climax. The 34 pages I just dumped were the last of the old crap. I’m 407 pages into it, and steam is starting to pick up for the finish. I estimate about 440 pages for the completed 1st draft. A bit long, but I’ll snip more when I go back through.

      • redredrage says:

        Re: novel-in-progress
        Just making sure you weren’t trying to knee cap yourself. God knows I’ve been TEMPTED to go back and edit while writing, but I made myself hold off. Adding a subplot is a perfectly reasonable reason for going back, however. 😉

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