Good books

Last couple of weeks:

Pandora Drive by Waggoner
Eye of the Needle by Follett
Bloody Mary by Konrath
Off Season by Ketchum

With PD, I kept thinking, he didn’t just write that, did he? Well, Tim did, and it was good.

I’m becoming a big fan of Follett, picking up used copies of his old mmpb. Becoming a thriller fan more and more after reading ton’sa horror the last few years.

I really want my wife to read Konrath, but she’s over-the-top squeamish, it’s out of the question. Very good follow up to Whiskey Sour.

As far as Ketchum, he’s so good that I spread out when I read him, savoring his work like some sweet treat.


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1 Response to Good books

  1. golden_lotus says:

    i just ordered off season a few days ago. can’t wait! he’s a genius.

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