Woke this morning at 4am, finished my “human roadkill” scene, thank God. Hit 94k. When will this bitch end? I finally know the path to the end (funny thing to admit 400 pages into it), now it’s just threading the divergent plot lines together tight enough to make them hum.

Received an email reject from Weird Tales. Submitted the story to another market right away.

I also started a short called “Informed in Our Youth” that I will lengthen to novel length when I’m done with my current novel.


Pandora Drive by Waggoner. Thank you Tim. I’ve been needing a read like this. I don’t know what it is, but I was in a reading funk.


Went for four miles the other night. Feels like I’ve lost more than I thought with my back injury. Glad I’m putting off my Ultra debut until next spring. Also, my user pic is of Mt. Diablo California. I had the closest thing to a religious experience when I ran to the top without stopping. The route was only 7.5 miles, but had a 3500 plus feet elevation increase in that span. The trail in the picture is heading toward a series of switchbacks that you can see rising above tree level at the top of the picture. People in the SUVs and LL Bean gear gave me funny looks when I stumbled my way to the top (a sight-seeing mountain top complete with mounted binoculars).

Time to play stay at home daddy,



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