My apologies to the J&J corporation.

The tensile strength of my Qtips can’t be blamed on J&J. When I wrote that entry, I was a bit loopy from medications for my sprained lumbar. No, J&J is fine. It’s Unilever who is to blame! Bastards. Selling inferior product. Sheesh. Anyway, I bought a new box, giving the brand two chances (just like authors with bad books). This box is fine. No violence will come of this.

On the writing front:

In circulation:
2 novels
10 original short stories
2 reprints

A Choir of Ill Children by Pic. I think I leaning more and more to thinking Pic is the godfather of bizarro. He’s not full on bizarro, but some qualities of his writing would fit that sub-genre.

The Gulag Arhipelago by Solzhenitsyn. I’ve been wanting to read this for years. Finally decided to take the plunge.

Captain’s Courageous by Kipling. I’ve decided to start reading some classics that I never read as a kid, hoping to pass them on/read them with my boys.


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5 Responses to My apologies to the J&J corporation.

  1. golden_lotus says:

    Just received Keepers from you… what a small world.
    i liked choir of ill children a lot, though i thought the ending was disappointing.
    gulag archipelago is more than a little bit depressing, but great.

    • glenkrisch says:

      Small f-ing world
      I’d started Gulag, then spilled a whole cup (and by cup, I mean a huge-ass travel mug) full of coffee on my copy. Had to throw it out. As far as Choir, it’s beautifully written, but I’m wondering if it’s just an exercise in writing. We’ll see.

      • golden_lotus says:

        Re: Small f-ing world
        yeah, that’s sorta what it seemed like… it felt, to me, like one of those short stories that eventually get expanded into a novel. except it’s already sort’ve a novel.
        still, yeah, it is beautifully written.
        have you read A Lower Deep?

      • glenkrisch says:

        Re: Small f-ing world
        Nope, no A Lower Deep, but I just got a signed coverflat from Pic for winning his ebay auction for November Mourns.

      • golden_lotus says:

        Re: Small f-ing world
        i just picked up The Deceased, but it’ll probably be awhile before i get to it.
        anyway, A Lower Deep is interesting… still not the most cohesive story ever, but man does he know a crapload about magic.

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