Kinda off topic, but damn it, this concerns quality of life. Mine, yours, everyone’s.

WTF happened to the quality of good ol’ American products? Now, mind you, I’m a penny pincher, a tight wad. I keep track of the finances for our household, and I’ve been known to shop extensively in the store brand and generics’ aisle. I’m miserly. Sue me.

But there’s one product I won’t skimp on, and that’s Johnson & Johnson Qtips. Damn it, I like clean, dry ears, and the generics just don’t cut it. So I splurge on the more expensive name brand. Until today, that is.

I took my shower this morning, climbed out, dried off, reach for the Qtips, and was thunderstruck by what I discovered in the new box sitting in the medicine cabinet.

I placed the soft cottony bulb in my ear, cleaned one whorl of ear cartilage, then the other. But then the fucking cardboard shaft bent in half. This has never happened before. I grabbed another Qtip, figuring the first one was an anomaly. Same result. Grabbed a third, still the same. The whole box has shafts as flaccid as a ninety year old man’s prick.

So, as men will often do when faced with uncertainty, I scream:


Yeah, I’m angry. And a little sad. I can imagine the higher ups at the J&J company surveying their P&L statements, finding a shortcoming in their quarterly bottom line, then making the worst possible decision.
“Let’s sacrifice some quality for some bottom line results.”

Another marginalization of the American Way of Life. What else is new.


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