The day that would not end.

Woke at 3:45 am for work. Came home, watched the kids, did housework, etc. Cleaned out my basement (my computer’s dank underground home). Got the kids to bed by 8 pm. Tweaked a few stories, sent them out. And finally…

got in my run at 9:30 pm.

I ran on the treadmill since my wife is still at work and I of course can’t leave my three year old in charge if I were to run outside. He’s pretty responsible, but still… Anyway, popped in Red Dawn, figuring I’d run until Jed kills Yuri. I was feeling pretty heavy legged by then, put pushed through it. Focused on getting to Powers Booth’s valiant death (man, I miss Deadwood), but when I got that far, God damn it, I had to keep going. So, I finished off with Robert executing Daryl. What a fitting end to the workout. 75 minutes 10.0 miles. Now, that I’ve typed this, I’ve stopped sweating and I can shower. Then go to bed. Then get up for work at 3:45am.


About glenkrisch

Writer, freelance editor, runner, family man, wanna-be farmer, neo-luddite
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