Mailchimp… I think it’s run by chimps.

A number of people have tried to sign up for my newsletter (hosted by Mailchimp) and somehow the interwebs has failed to add them to my list. Sorry!

I don’t want anyone to miss out on receiving a free copy of my new novella, THE HOLLOWED LAND.  If for some reason you haven’t received notification that you’ve signed up, please let me know. I can manually enter your email address (feel free to drop me an email

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This was nice to see (editing post)

I just started editing a book for a repeat client. At the beginning of her first book she wrote: “Thanks to my editor, Glen Krisch. You corrected my grammar and cut out all my wordiness. Any mistakes made in this book (which I’m sure I didn’t catch them all) are mine and mine alone. If you want him to edit your book or read his amazing novels, you can reach him at…”

It’s nice to know my obsessive-compulsive tendencies are appreciated!

If you are thinking about hiring an editor, drop me a note and we can talk details.

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Free copy of my new novella, THE HOLLOWED LAND

If you subscribe to my newsletter, I just sent you a free copy of my new novella, THE HOLLOWED LAND. If you aren’t a newsletter subscriber yet… why not?

It’s easy, just click this link:

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Best Reads of 2014

While going back over what books I read during 2014, I came to a few conclusions.

1. I read and enjoyed a lot of titles published by DarkFuse.  It wasn’t my intention to stock my list with DF titles, it just turned out that way.

2. I pulled the plug on more books this year than in any other year I can remember.

3. Excluding these titles, I was largely disappointed with the books I read for the year.  I read a lot of other solid books that didn’t make my list, but nothing to really blow my hair back.  A lot of these title were quite competently written, but somewhat lacking in creativity.  I read widely.  Big press, small press, indie/self-published work.  Across all venues, creativity in the horror genre seems to be stuck in the mire.  It’s seems like now that anyone can publish anything they want, instead of taking chances, there is a tidal wave of people finally getting their chance to write their “Stephen King” story, their “Dick Laymon” homage, their love letter to Lovecraft.

One of the reasons the horror genre is so great is that it is nearly limitless in its scope.  Nearly any plotline can become a horror tale.  And yet… and yet the boundaries remain largely unchanged in this unrivaled moment of opportunity in the realm of publishing.

Perhaps this is more a reflection of how I feel about my own work than an overall judgment of the genre as a whole.  I always strive to write a story that couldn’t be told by anyone else.  I don’t know if that is what I achieve, but that is my goal.

So without further rambling and navel-gazing, here is my list of my Best Reads of 2014:


Alien: Out of the Shadows by Tim Lebbon


Emergence by Gary Fry

children of no one

Children of No One by Nicole Cushing


The Boar by Joe Lansdale


The Troop by Nick Cutter


A Shrill Keening by Ronald Malfi

last mile

The Last Mile by Tim Waggoner


Tyler’s Third Act by Mick Garris


Oasis of the Damned by Greg Gifune


DarkNet by John R Little

What were some of your favorite reads from the last year?

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Signed Limited Edition Giveaway!

Thanks to everyone who’s helped make the launch of ARKADIUM RISING such a success!

I’m still holding a giveaway for anyone who posts an honest review before the end of the year. Let me know when you’ve posted your review (to Amazon, Goodreads, and/or Barnes and Noble), and you’ll be entered in a giveaway for a copy of the signed limited edition of NOTHING LASTING ($40 cover price).

And to make it even easier to enter, ARKADIUM RISING is still just 99 cents.


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New release 99-cent sale, and bonus signed limited edition!

Yes, I’m giving away a copy of the signed/limited edition of NOTHING LASTING ($40 cover price).  This edition will be published in the Spring by Cemetery Dance Publications.  If you’ve never owned a limited edition, Cemetery Dance produces books that are works of art.  The cover artist for NOTHING LASTING is Glenn Chadbourne.  Glenn was a joy to work with.  He also recently completed the artwork for the 40th anniversary edition of Stephen King’s CARRIE.

Entering this giveaway is simple.  Just write and post a review for my other new novel, ARKADIUM RISING, before the end of the year.  Once you’ve posted your review, drop me a quick note so I can keep track of the entries.  For every 10 reviews I receive for ARKADIUM RISING, I will add another copy of the limited edition of NOTHING LASTING, increasing everyone’s odds of winning.


To make it even easier to enter, JournalStone has lowered the price of the ARKADIUM RISING ebook to just $.99.  Here are some quick links:

Barnes and Noble
Kobo (the price should drop later today)

I’m really proud of both of these novels. If you know someone who might enjoy them, feel free to share or reblog this info.

Thanks for your time, and Happy Holidays!


Nothing Lasting with titlingFront_Cover_Image_Arkadium_Rising
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Book Launch Day! Arkadium Rising, Brother’s Keeper Book One

The day is finally here!


Today, JournalStone will publish the first of my Brother’s Keeper trilogy.  Arkadium Rising is the beginning of a massive project that will span 1200+ pages when all is said and done.  If you order the print edition from the JournalStone website, you’ll receive the ebook for free.

Here’s a link if you prefer Amazon:

Book Description

The Arkadium’s time has come. A religious cult intent on setting history back ten thousand years, their goal is to destroy modern man’s domination of the planet.

Growing up, the Grant brothers were close, but as they reached adolescence they drifted apart, taking opposite paths into adulthood.  Straight-laced Jason works for a small town newspaper.  Marcus is into drugs, violence, and self-destruction.

Marcus finds salvation and sobriety when he joins the Arkadium and reaches out to his brother, wanting him by his side to record the new prehistoric era, Arkadium’s era.  Jason faces a choice, join his brother in the destruction of humanity, or die like one of the millions of innocents who will fall in the Arkadium’s ascent.


If you sign up for my newsletter, I’ll send you a free, exclusive novella, The Hollowed Land, Brother’s Keeper Book 1.5, sometime in January.  This action-packed story is self-contained, and takes place between books one and two.

You can subscribe by clicking on this link:

or you can send me an email with ‘newsletter’ as a subject line at

As always, thanks for everything you do to support my work.  Every time you post a review or suggest one of my books to other readers, it helps me reach a wider audience.

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Nonconformist Tuesday Sale!

Since just about every author held a Cyber Monday Sale, I decided to thumb my nose at that idea and have a Nonconformist Tuesday Sale.  That’s right, rebel that I am, I’ve lowered the price of THE NIGHTMARE WITHIN to just $.99.  If you haven’t read my first novel, now is a good time to get a copy.

The Nightmare Within ebook

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Book News! NOTHING LASTING published by Cemetery Dance Publications

I’ve been dying to make this announcement!

My coming-of-age novel, NOTHING LASTING, is being published by Cemetery Dance Publications, the publisher of some of my literary heroes: Stephen King, Clive Barker, Ray Bradbury, and Jack Ketchum, among many other greats.

The ebook is now available, and a fancy limited edition will be available in the spring.

Here’s the creepy awesome cover by Glenn Chadbourne.

 Nothing Lasting with titling

 Advanced Praise for NOTHING LASTING

“In Nothing Lasting, Glen Krisch has one line that stood out for me: Ever wonder what secrets people keep?  This is the core theme of the novel, and it’s one that is completely fascinating, emotionally-charged, and almost magic with its combination of complexity wrapped in simplicity.  This is a fresh look at the coming-of-age novel, and it’s one of the best I’ve ever read.  I loved this book, and I wish I’d written it.  Krisch writes with a natural style that is almost invisible, allowing his wonderful characters to tell their own story in their own way.  I can’t recommend this book highly enough.”
— John R. Little, Bram Stoker Award winning author of MirandaThe Memory Tree, and Ursa Major

“NOTHING LASTING is a moving coming-of-age tale, full of the pangs of first love, the pains of deep regrets, and the perils of choosing your friends unwisely. This is adolescence the way it usually is, rather than the version we choose to remember.”

“From the first few pages of NOTHING LASTING — from the title itself, even! — Glen Krisch creates a sense of dread that never lets up.  The characters live and breathe, and I felt as if I knew every one of them, the good and the bad.  Fans of dark coming-of-age tales will undoubtedly cite this one as a favorite for years to come.”
— James Newman, author of MIDNIGHT RAIN, ANIMOSITY, and UGLY AS SIN

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Are you an Audible member?

Audible has included Where Darkness Dwells in their Thrills and Chills Halloween Sale.

Check out that list.  Nice company, huh? Where Darkness Dwells is on sale for Audible members for just $6.95 (sale ends at midnight on Halloween).  The regular price is $24.95, so that’s quite a deal.

If you don’t listen to audio books, please share!  Troy Duran did an excellent job with narrating this twisted tale.

WDD Audio2

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